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Milwaukee Area Homeowners Surprised To End Up As Creditors In Contractor’s Bankruptcy Case

If you have ever watched Fox News 6, you have likely seen one of their popular “Contact 6” segments where they investigate consumer complaints sent to them by people in the Milwaukee area. It’s always interesting to see what dirt the reporters dig up, but the Hanson & Payne team pays particular attention when the story involves a bankruptcy.

Not So Noble A Contractor

Recently, the station featured a Contact 6 investigation into the work of a local contractor who ghosted a bunch of clients then filed for bankruptcy. According to Fox 6, Nathan Noble Regina  was a contractor doing work under the business name Nobleman LLC, but he was anything but noble. He cashed the checks potential clients gave him as down payments, but often failed to finish — or even start — the work he promised to do. 

When clients tried to reach out to Nobleman LLC with complaints or questions, they were fed empty promises if they received any answer at all. Eventually, Regina filed for bankruptcy, and the clients who were waiting on refunds or holding out hope that their project might get done got a letter from the court letting them know they were creditors in a bankruptcy case. 

Most people don’t think of themselves as potential creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding, so seeing the reactions of the people who were notified they were now part of a bankruptcy case was really interesting. Those featured in the story were convinced they would never see a dime. 

Working With An Attorney Is The Best Way To Protect Your Interests

Whether you are surprised to end up as a creditor in a bankruptcy case, or know it is a possibility, hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney is the best way to protect your interests and increase the likelihood you recoup some of the money you are owed. But you need to do some research before getting representation.

A lot of bankruptcy attorneys in Wisconsin focus on filing for bankruptcy on behalf of debtors. They may know the ins and outs of the bankruptcy system, but their lack of experience working on behalf of creditors could come back to haunt you. 

Hanson & Payne, LLC has years of experience working on both sides of bankruptcy disputes. We regularly represent commercial lenders in complex financial disputes, and are often called on by business owners who want to stop a debt from being forgiven, but we are also happy to assist people who are surprised to find themselves listed as a creditor in a bankruptcy case.  

A Milwaukee Area Bankruptcy Attorney You Can Count On

Sitting back and waiting to see what happens in a bankruptcy case you are pulled into is a good way to lose out on the opportunity to get some of the money you are owed back. There are always steps you can take to protect your interests, and the Hanson & Payne team is ready to help you figure out what your options are. Please contact us today to schedule a meeting with our experienced team of bankruptcy attorneys.