Business Clients

Creditor Services & Commercial Lending
We represent several commercial lenders on a wide variety of secured financing transactions. Our bankruptcy background ensures that commercial loan documentation survives the closure or bankruptcy of the borrower and when bankruptcy or collection issues arise, we’re prepared to advise our commercial lenders on the steps to take to protect their investment.

Wisconsin law is very specific in the handling of debt collection. Understanding the legal requirements of debt collection in Wisconsin ensures that your collection efforts are effective and do not expose you to counter suits from the borrower.

Business Workouts
The financial failure of a supplier or client can set off a domino effect involving all those connected to your business. If your business is facing cash shortages and needs temporary or permanent relief from its creditors, we can negotiate terms of forbearance or loan modification with your creditors.

Chapter 7 and 11 Business Bankruptcies and Receiverships
When all other strategies to meet financial obligations are exhausted, a business bankruptcy or receivership may be the only means to relieve the strain and bring finality to the business debts.

Adversary Matters
Not all debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy. If you believe you have a claim against someone that should not be discharged that person’s bankruptcy case, call us to discuss whether your claim can be protected from the bankruptcy discharge.

Preference Defense
If you have received a payment from someone who filed bankruptcy less than a year after making that payment to you, you may have received a “preference transfer,” which is a payment recoverable by the debtor or trustee in bankruptcy. If you believe you may have received a preferential transfer or you’ve been sued for your receipt of a preferential transfer, our lawyers can craft your legal defense and settlement strategy.