Creditor Services and Commercial Lending

Creditor’s Rights and Collections

At Hanson & Payne, our extensive experience representing both debtors and creditors over the years has made us aggressive and efficient in collecting our clients’ claims.  We have intimate knowledge of the tactics debtors use to delay or discount their creditors’ claims, and we have intimate knowledge of how to best sidestep such tactics.  While the Bankruptcy Code gives business and individual debtors protection from their creditors, that protection is not unconditional and it is not absolute. Knowing where to apply pressure and when often makes the difference between quickly realizing on a claim and waiting years for a fractional payment.

  • Motions for relief from the Automatic Stay
  • Objections to confirmation of a Plan
  • Representing landlords of insolvent commercial tenants
  • Preparing Proofs of Claim
  • Mortgage and land contract foreclosures
  • Replevins
  • Receiverships
  • Garnishments
  • Auctions of business property/equipment
  • Involuntary Bankruptcy petitions and involuntary receiverships
  • Collection of judgments/Supplementary proceedings

Commercial Lending

We represent several commercial lenders on a wide variety of secured financing transactions. Our bankruptcy background ensures that commercial loan documentation survives the closure or bankruptcy of the borrower and when bankruptcy or collection issues arise, we’re prepared to advise our commercial lenders on the steps to take to protect their investment.

Hanson & Payne represents banks and other commercial lenders and borrowers in a wide range of transactions, including commercial loan transactions, bankruptcy matters, and insurance issues.

We have extensive experience in securing and realizing upon wide-ranging forms of collateral, which allows our clients to broaden their commercial loan portfolios and better secure them at the same time. The strength of our commercial loan practice is our extensive experience representing businesses in bankruptcy and other insolvency matters. At the time the commercial loan is written, we anticipate problems and make sure that the loan documents adequately protect our client in the event its customer falls into insolvency.

If a particular loan account sends up a red flag indicating financial trouble, our experience representing troubled companies through workouts enables us to aggressively serve our client’s interest in financially resuscitating its customer, or working with the customer to maximize the return on the bank’s collateral.

If our client’s customer files an insolvency proceeding, we are well prepared to follow the case into the bankruptcy courts and before the state court judges who preside over receivership cases. As our firm has evolved over the years, one thing has remained constant – the focus of our practice has always been insolvency matters. Our well-established ability to protect our client’s interest and keep our client informed of what to expect in an insolvency proceeding is what drives commercial lenders from all over Wisconsin to rely on Hanson & Payne when they find themselves in the unfamiliar territory of a state court receivership or a bankruptcy court.

Our commercial loan practice includes:

  • Commercial loan transactions, including construction loans
  • Loan participations
  • Real estate finance
  • Letters of credit
  • Equipment finance
  • Debtor-in-possession lending transactions
  • Workouts and bankruptcies