Debt Negotiation Legal Services in Milwaukee

Depending on how much you owe and to whom, you may benefit from our debt negotiation services. Debt negotiation means making informal arrangements with your creditors in an attempt to reduce your overall debt load, decrease your interest rate and/or monthly payments, or all of the above. The best candidate for debt negotiation will have a sufficient cash supply to grab the interest of the creditors, who generally want a single lump sum down payment on the negotiated debt, followed by smaller monthly payments until the negotiated debt is paid off.

If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury action (ex. car accident or medical malpractice action), we may be able to structure a repayment plan funded by your award in the personal injury action. If you would like to refinance your house to raise sufficient funds to pay your creditors at a discount, we can put you in touch with finance companies that do not charge the painful interest rates most finance companies offer to people who have debt issues.

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In every case we handle, we consider whether you could resolve your financial problems without filing a bankruptcy case and discuss with you the benefits and risks involved so that you can make an informed choice about whether debt negotiation is right for you.