Sometimes Bankruptcy Counsel Is A Hands On Job

When the bridal chain Alfred Angelo filed for bankruptcy and closed its stores earlier this year, it did so without much notice. Although the store managers were directed to send out all the orders they had on hand before shutting the doors for good, many did not. This left the company’s bankruptcy attorney with quite a mess on her hands. She got over 10,000 messages from panicked customers in just a few days, and she just couldn’t ignore them.

A recent Wall Street Journal article details her effort to get as many dresses and other items that have already been paid for, into the hands of the brides, bridesmaids, and other wedding guests who ordered them. This is a task she has undertaken more because she believes it is the right thing to do, than a legal responsibility.

While our firm’s lawyers have not yet had the opportunity to save the day for hundreds of brides, we wanted to share this story because it does a great job highlighting the fact that good bankruptcy attorneys are more than lawyers who know how to do math.

A good bankruptcy attorney is a problem solver. We know that business bankruptcies cause all kinds of issues for the creditors, suppliers, and customers doing business with a company that has filed. We try to minimize disruptions to the broader marketplace, while still keeping our client’s interest first.

A good bankruptcy attorney is proactive. When a potential client comes to us, we go over all of the options available to them. Sometimes we are able to help a business avoid bankruptcy by negotiating terms of forbearance or loan modifications with creditors.

A good bankruptcy attorney is willing to go the extra mile. Sometimes literally. While our offices are in downtown Milwaukee, we work with clients from all over Southeastern Wisconsin. We’ve put plenty of miles on our cars traveling the city streets, highways, and backroads of Milwaukee, Racine, Ozaukee, Waukesha, and Sheboygan Counties. We know that really understanding our client’s business and the situation it is in sometimes means we need to be on-site instead of in our offices.

If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney that is will to go above and beyond to make sure things are done right in the moral sense as well as the legal sense, look no further. We make sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed and then some.